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Patricia is available to speak at events, conferences and retreats around the world and online. Her experience as a former Global Higher Education senior administrator and as a Global Executive Coach, combined with her warmth, knowledge and expertise in the area of Strategic Intervention, make her an engaging and dynamic speaker.

Sample Speaking Topics:

  Intent to Re-Invent: Finding your purpose in a Global World
  On or Off? The Work-Life Balance Paradox
  The Global Killer: Fight Your Stress
  Not Good Enough? Shut the Liar Off
  Today or Tomorrow? The Leonardo Da Vinci Paradox

“I had the pleasure of being invited to speak on Resilience and Thriving Through Disruption at Patricia’s 3-day virtual event: “The Human Leader In You” -June 2021.

Recognising that in today’s fast paced, constantly changing environment, leaders need to keep reinventing themselves to ensure that they thrive, their teams thrive and their business thrives, I highly appreciate Patricia’s calm, practical approach, as she persuades you to self-reflect and develop deeper self-awareness. Sharing her own extensive business experience and relatable stories of personal growth, she encourages you to challenge the status quo, inspires you to recognise and appreciate your authentic value and to lead with heart and soul.

Patricia, I look forward to our next collaboration.”

Laura Everest

Laura Everest- International Best-Selling Author, Laura Everest Consulting Services

Adriana Herrera

Senior Marketing Director, Elevated Wealth Group

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Missed ‘The Human Leader In You’ virtual event (THLIY)? No problem!

I am offering a FREE Summary of THLIY Webinar on Friday July 16, 2021 at 1:30pm EST via Zoom. I will share with you most of the highlights delivered during the event offered recently on June 24-26, and also present future opportunities to attendees.

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Pictures of all speakers during the THLIY Event, June 24-26, 2021


With my six guests, we created this online event specially designed to help you LEVEL UP your inner leadership potential while INTEGRATING what you learned during this past year.

This 2-and-half-day virtual event (June 24-26, 2021), The Human Leader In You, was not your usual webinar! Presented by the renown EMCEE Leslie Samuel, attendees enjoyed a true live Virtual Event, with pertinent information, thoughtful speakers, and inspiring stories!

Joining me, our speakers included Dr. Connie Gore (former President of South Minnesota State U), Laura Everest (international best-selling author) , Kafi London (speaker, mentor, facilitator, coach), Adriana Herrera (entrepreneur) and Jacob Watkins (entrepreneur).


Behind the scene pictures

Behind the scene of 'The Human Leader In You' live virtual event, June 24-26, 2021

Upper left: Camera in action

Upper right: Kafi and Patricia preparing for Day 1’s last session

Lower left: Leslie & Patricia rehearsing

Lower right: The team is getting ready (Leslie, Adriana, Kafi, Patricia, and Jacob


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