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You are a top executive, or a top executive-to-be. You are passionate to take action in a global multicultural world. Your decisions impact your company, your organization, or your higher education institution. Your mission is global, and not merely international. And you have a track record of success. But you are looking for so much more… …such as enhancing your existing potential to attain outstanding objectives while embarking others from unfamiliar cultures. The challenge that keeps you awake at night is that you see the world as your playground.

But you don’t want to merely conquer it, but instead to make an impact in infusing, as a leader, a global synergy of cultures in your organization. You want to play at a level where internationalism intersect with multiculturalism. As a successful Global Executive Coach, I am here to help your next wholistic move on the right track, as I take high-achievers from around the world to their greatest selves.

Anne T., Orlando, FL

Flexible. Intuitive. Responsive. Caring. From the start, Patricia helped me clarify my thoughts on my management and identify what I needed to do to move forward. She helped me see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ by breaking down the steps I needed to take into bite-sized actions through thorough strategic planning applied to both my professional and personal aspects of life. I would highly recommend Patricia as an executive coach – which makes Patricia such a wonderful coach and human being to work with. Her follow-through is remarkable, as is her steadfast positive attitude. I would definitely work with her again!

Sue M., New York, NY

Dr. Burlaud is the consummate executive coach! Her holistic and highly personalized approach helped me clarify my personal and professional goals,  providing me with tangible steps to achieve them, while holding me accountable (in a gentle, yet firm manner). She uncovered “areas of opportunity” for me that I hadn’t ever even considered and that made a HUGE and immediate difference in terms of my professional and personal balance. Dr. Burlaud’s listening skills and keen insights were extraordinary as was her uncanny ability to get to the root of my personal “roadblocks.” Her warmth, contagious positive energy, and genuine concern for her clients were evident in every single session. And of course, Dr. Burlaud’s extraordinary ability to serve both as a cheerleader and “insight-provoking master” made my successes absolutely achievable! I highly recommend Dr. Burlaud…she will provide you with the tools necessary to truly change your life for the better!

Jerome C. - Orlando, Fl

This coaching really changed my life. Patricia succeeded to help me become a much more self-aware and self-conscious person. Patricia is amazing. She was able to find exactly the right questions, techniques and ways to clearly and fast get me to realize things. Her professionalism and encouraging attitude were really doing magic for me. She had understanding and practical knowledge of the insides of organizations, not just a theory that a book advises. It has been an honor working with Patricia and it has been a very enriching experience. I highly recommend Patricia as an executive coach.

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