Global Executive Coaching

Just imagine YOUR WORLD: a most powerful place where unleashing people’s potential to reach meaningful, important objectives, is combined with enhancing people’s potential to attain these objectives while working with others from unfamiliar cultures.

For YOUR WORLD to become this reality, I infuse intercultural consulting into contextualizing the usual “Made in the USA” leadership coaching. Does your vision include:

Managing international teams?
 Leading effectively across cultures, nationally or across borders?
Global virtual team working?
Hiring global talents?                                 

Being truthful to your values?
Navigating ambiguity?
Keeping your big goals in sight despite the global context?
Looking for a safe “sounding board” already familiar with the global leadership issues you’re facing?

Some people call me an Executive Coach, Some people call me an International Consultant, Some people call me a Trusted Advisor, But Global Leaders just……..CALL ME!

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